While online marketing has benefits, did you know that the web only reaches people that are already looking for something? What if you could reach your target audience and get them to remember your name when the time comes to buy?

Wing Press does direct mail marketing.

Direct mail:

There is no spam filter to interrupt your message and it won’t disappear with the click of a mouse. If you work with our branding team, your message will be heard, will stick, and each piece may be personalized for the recipient. We know the rules to help you design, produce and distribute your campaign. The methods are as varied as your imagination. We start by identifying your audience, then create a plan to coordinate the direct mail with the web to provide an interactive solution you may not have considered yet.


Address Lists can be purchased or sorted for your convenience. We will address your mail pieces for you.

Postage & Mailing (Non-Profit):

Wing Press has been responsible for the mailing campaigns of our clients for over 50 years. We are experienced and know the rules and regulations of the post office. Whether first class, standard mail or non-profit, we can provide you with effective and cost-saving postage and mailing.

EDDM® – Every Door Direct Mail®

✓ No Mailing List required
✓ Pay a fraction of the cost of standard bulk mail
✓ Send postcards as large as 9 in. x 12 in.
✓ Target neighborhoods by income or household size

Wing Press knows the rules to help you design, produce and distribute your direct mail campaign